Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Youth Groups

Youth groups throughout the nation have been established by students, parents, and non-profit organizations to help all youth access healthy food, receive an adequate nutritional education, and prevent childhood obesity.

Boston Collaborative for Food and Fitness is geared towards providing Boston’s youth with nutritious, locally produced food and space for physical activity. The organization nurtures a Youth in Action program, including a Youth Advisory Board and a school food campaign called Go4resh Campaign.

Oregon Youth in Action was founded by the American Leadership Forum to join public and non-profit leaders by creating a “network of leaders with established bonds of trust and mutual support.” The goal of Oregon Youth in Action is to motivate young people to fight obesity by creating effective projects that can later be replicated by others to help communities throughout the nation. Their ultimate mission is to create healthier neighborhoods by putting a stop to childhood obesity.

Youth Food Movement is a nascent, global network that unites students, farmers, and cooks under the goal of providing their communities with healthy, sustainable food. Present in countries including France, Italy, Australia, Nepal, and the United States, the network unites youth delegates throughout the world. Many online youth forums have been created, and Facebook has become an active center of youth to communicate and blog.