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Youth and Food Policy

Youth activism in food policy is a nascent movement across the United States that addresses the pressing concerns of food inequality. The food industry is dominated by a handful of companies that target low-income families with mass-produced, unhealthy, inexpensive foods. These foods contribute to obesity and type 2 diabetes, which are increasingly diagnosed in the country’s youngest, poorest citizens, and contribute to high healthcare costs. The movement encourages young people to get involved in their communities to promote healthy lifestyles and become advocates for policies which improve the nation’s nutrition and promote health equity.

This website describes the youth activism movement and provides links to groups of students and organizations in the movement. Why Food Policy? explains the importance of the movement. Political Action gives examples of groups of young people who actively advocate food policy, including youth food policy councils and political groups. Youth Groups focuses on organizations of young people interested in developing programs for students. Get Involved highlights internship opportunities for high school students and other outlets for involvement. Youth Farmer's Markets provides links to markets across the country.