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Legislation, Policies, and Initiatives

Many states and cities around the country will introduce legislation to impose taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages in the new legislative session. As those bills are filed, they will be entered into the Rudd Center's Legislation Database where their progress will be monitored.

Policy Briefs

Public Health Campaigns and Initiatives

Initiatives to reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages are springing up regularly across the country. The Rudd Center tracks these initiatives – policy changes within organizations and municipalities, media campaigns, pledges, contests, educational websites, and more. We have compiled the information in three formats:

  • Map of Initiatives since 2009
    • This map shows state-by-state sugar-sweetened beverage initiatives that have been implemented since 2009 and tax legislation filed since 2009. Although none of the bills have passed, they are included to illustrate the growing interest in taxes to reduce consumption.