Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Bellagio Conference

In June, 2007, the Rudd Center organized an international conference in Bellagio, Italy to discuss the application of the law to obesity prevention. Co-sponsored by the Rudd Center and the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bellagio Conference assembled world leaders in public health, nutrition and the law to discuss new legal directions and developments around the globe. The meeting covered a variety of issues related to the law and nutrition and convened experts from England, Peru, Finland, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, and the United States. Among the topics covered in detail were marketing foods to children, with special attention to the protection of commercial speech and the use of compelled speech, preemption of state and local law by federal law, regulatory law, and the role litigation may play in addressing nutrition and obesity issues.

Click here to download a detailed report of the Conference on Law, Nutrition, and Obesity.