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Federal/State:New Mexico
Bill:NM HM 29 - New Mexico Farm and Food Day
Summary:New Mexico declares January 29, 2014 “NM Food and Farms Day” and recognizes that the state’s vibrant food and farming culture is significant to rural economy and provides employment opportunities on farms and in food processing, distribution and value-added businesses
Sponsor(s):Don L. Tripp (R)
As of 3/25/2014: Adopted January 27, 2014
As of 2/3/2014: Adopted January 27, 2014

Federal/State:New Mexico
Bill:NM SM 25 - New Mexico Food and Farms Days
Summary:Creates the "New Mexico Food & Farms Day," acknowledging that over 60 school districts, serving more than 240,000 children New Mexico grown fruits and vegetables, will enhance the diets of schoolchildren and promote healthier lifestyles and increase academic achievement. This investment in children's health will help stem the rise in childhood obesity in New Mexico, where 32% percent of children are overweight or obese and a healthier population will help to save the state an additional $324 million dollar
Sponsor(s):Pete Campos (D)
As of 3/18/2014: For status updates, visit the state legislature's website.