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Bill:CONG US HRES 674 - National Get Vertical Day
Summary:Bill highlights that a sedentary lifestyles are a public health issue and supporting the designation of a National Get Vertical Day to recognize the importance of preventing physical inactivity and encouraging adults to live physically active lifestyles.
Sponsor(s):Committee on Energy and Commerce
As of 8/19/2014: For status updates, visit the federal legislative website.

Bill:FD HR 2424 - Community Parks Revitalization Act
Summary:Would establish a program enabling communities to better leverage resources to address health, economic development, and conservation concerns through needed investments in parks, recreational areas, facilities, and programs, and for other purposes.
Sponsor(s):Representative Albio Sires (D - NJ)
As of 9/19/2013: Sponsor made introductory remarks on measure -- CR H4532
As of 7/3/2013: Referred to Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation
As of 6/25/2013: Introduced, referred to Committees on Financial Services, Education and the Workforce, and Natural Resources

Bill:CONG US S 2367 - programs to connect people to the outdoors
Summary:Would authorize the Secretary of the Interior to carry out programs and activities that connect the people of the United States, especially children, youth, and families, with the outdoors.
Sponsor(s):Senator Mark Udall (D)
As of 6/3/2014: For status updates, visit