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Bill:OK HB 1842 - Health Education for Middle Schools Act
Summary:Would require the creation and implementation of health curriculum for middle schools, including nutrition and physical activity.
Sponsor(s):Representative Ken Matthews (D)
As of 2/6/2013: Referred to Committee on Appropriations and Budget
As of 1/22/2013: Introduced, first reading

Bill:OK HB 2279 - Health Education in Middle School Act
Summary:Would provide health education for middle school students, contingent on funding, by teachers with a certificate in health and physical education.
Sponsor(s):Representative Anastasia Pittman (D)
As of 3/8/2013: Amended bill passed by Committee
As of 3/8/2013: Bill amended by Committee
As of 2/8/2013: Referred to Committee on Appropriations and Budget
As of 1/23/2013: Prefiled, first reading