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Bill:IL HJR 5 - Urge emphasis on physical fitness and health
Summary:Would urge the Governor to suggest that one week of each school year be used to emphasize the importance of physical fitness in schools in the State of Illinois.
Sponsor(s):Representative Dwight Kay (R)
As of 5/31/2013: Resolution adopted
As of 5/29/2013: Re-referred to Committee on Assignments, approved for consideration, placed on calendar
As of 5/22/2013: Referred to Committee on State Government and Veterans Affairs
As of 5/10/2013: Transmitted to Senate, referred to Committee on Assignments
As of 5/8/2013: Passed by House
As of 5/3/2013: Passed by Committee, placed on calendar order of resolutions
As of 3/22/2013: Amended bill referred to Committee on Rules, re-referred to Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education
As of 3/18/2013: Amendment proposed in Committee
As of 2/6/2013: Referred to Commitee on Elementary and Secondary Education
As of 1/23/2013: Filed

Bill:IL HB 2242 - Repeal physical education requirement
Summary:Would repeal requirements concerning physical education and training, required courses in physical education, and a physical education course of study.
Sponsor(s):Representative John M. Cabello (R)
As of 5/2/2013: Bill tabled, ie is dead
As of 3/25/2013: Re-referred to Committee on Rules
As of 3/22/2013: Bill tabled
As of 2/28/2013: Referred to Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education
As of 2/21/2013: First reading, referred to Committee on Rules
As of 2/18/2013: Filed

Bill:IL HB 6311 - School Code cannot excuse students from phsyical education
Summary:Would amend the state’s School Code by allowing for the waiver or modification of mandates within the Code and administrative rules, but provides that waivers may not be requested from laws and rules pertaining to physical education. Removes provisions allowing pupils to be excused from engaging in physical education courses for various reasons.
Sponsor(s):Linda Chapa LaVia (D)
As of 11/6/2014: For status updates, visit the state's legislative website.

Bill:IL HB 5397 - Amends school code to include a physical fintess assessment
Summary:Provides that the State Board of Education shall require all schools under its jurisdiction to use the FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment and report fitness information to the State Board of Education to assess student fitness indicators (starting school year 2016-2017). Requires schools to integrate health-related fitness testing into the curriculum as an instructional tool, except in the early elementary grades. Provides that the testing shall be used to teach students how to assess their fitness lev
Sponsor(s):House Rep. Rita Mayfield (D
As of 8/19/2014: Adopted August 4, 2014
As of 2/16/2014: For status updates, visit the state legislature's website.