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Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC SB 191 - Regarding locally grown foods in the school meals programs
Summary:Would require the Department of Agriculture to create and maintain a program to encourage schools to serve locally grown, minimally processed farm food.
Sponsor(s):Senator Daniel Byron Verdin III (R)
As of 6/20/2013: Act No. 40, effective date June 7, 2013
As of 6/12/2013: Signed by Governor Nikki R. Haley
As of 6/6/2013: Ratified, ie signed by Speaker of the House and President of the Senate
As of 5/28/2013: Read third time and enrolled
As of 5/28/2013: Passed second reading, moved to third reading
As of 5/24/2013: 24 hour point of order
As of 5/23/2013: Recalled from Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
As of 5/22/2013: Bill amended
As of 5/6/2013: Introduced, first reading, referred to Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs
As of 5/3/2013: Read third time, passed by Senate, transmitted to House
As of 5/1/2013: Read second time and amended
As of 4/29/2013: Amended bill passed by Committee
As of 4/29/2013: Bill amended by Committee
As of 1/10/2013: Introduced, first reading, referred to Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources

Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC HB 3726 - Concerning snacks sold in schools
Summary:Would establish nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold in schools, including in vending machines, during the regular school day. Fundraisers would be exempt.
Sponsor(s):Representative Bakari T. Sellers (D)
As of 3/5/2013: Introduced, first reading, referred to Committee on Education and Public Works

Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC Sb 1094 - Would add sections to state's school nutrition standards
Summary:Would add section to nutrition standards by 1) defining “in-school fundraiser,” 2) establish elementary schools food service meals and competitive foods requirements, 3) require compliance with federal standards and provide exceptions to those standards.
Sponsor(s):Senator Katrina Shealy (R) (co-sponsor: Verdin, Campbell, Jackson, Cleary and Turner)
As of 3/25/2014: For status updates, visit the state legislature's website.