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Bill:CA HB 290 - Childhood nutrition training
Summary:Would provide that for licenses issued on or after January 1, 2015, a director or teacher who receives the health and safety training shall also have at least one hour of childhood nutrition training as part of the preventive health practices course or courses, and would require the childhood nutrition training to include content on age-appropriate meal patterns, as specified, and information about participation in the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program.
Sponsor(s):Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D)
As of 10/17/2013: Signed by Governor Jerry Brown, Chapter 734, Statutes of 2013
As of 9/27/2013: Enrolled and presented to the Governor
As of 9/11/2013: Senate amendments concurred in, to engrossing and enrolling
As of 9/9/2013: Read third time, passed, order to Assembly, concurrence in Senate amendments pending, may be considered on or after 9/8/13
As of 9/5/2013: Read second time, amended, ordered to third reading
As of 9/3/2013: Amended bill passed by Committee
As of 6/26/2013: Placed on Appropriations suspense file, ie awaiting budget decisions
As of 6/13/2013: Passed by Committee, referred to Committee on Appropriations
As of 5/22/2013: Second reading, amended, re-referred to Committee on Human Services
As of 5/22/2013: Bill amended by Committee
As of 5/2/2013: Referred to Committee on Human Services
As of 5/1/2013: Passed by Assembly, transmitted to Senate, first reading, referred to Committee on Rules for assignment
As of 4/29/2013: Ordered to third reading
As of 4/25/2013: April 18, 2013: Read second time, ordered to consent calendar
As of 4/25/2013: April 18, 2013: Passed by Committee
As of 4/4/2013: Passed by Committee, referred to Committee on Appropriations
As of 3/22/2013: Public hearing scheduled for April 2, 2013
As of 2/25/2013: Referred to Committee on Human Services
As of 2/14/2013: May be heard in Committee on March 14, 2013
As of 2/13/2013: Introduced, first reading

Bill:CA SB 464 - Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Act
Summary:Would establish standards with respect to nutrition and physical activity for early childhood education programs, infant care programs, and after school programs conducted under the Child Care and Development Services Act.
Sponsor(s):Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D)
As of 11/20/2013: Hearing postponed by Committee
As of 4/11/2013: Public hearing scheduled for April 17, 2013
As of 4/10/2013: Hearing canceled at request of author
As of 3/18/2013: Public hearing scheduled for April 10, 2013
As of 3/13/2013: Referred to Committees on Education, and Human Services
As of 3/13/2013: February 25, 2013: Introduced, first reading, referred to Committee on Rules for assignment, may be acted upon on or after March 24, 2013