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Federal/State:New Jersey
Bill:NJ AB 2990 - Calorie information required at entertainment facilities
Summary:Would require entertainment facilities to provide calorie information for food and beverage items offered for sale.
Sponsor(s):Nancy Pinkin (D) (Co-Sponsor: Linda Stender, Daniel Benson)
As of 4/3/2014: For status updates, please visit the legislator's website.

Federal/State:New Jersey
Bill:NJ AB 3360 - culturally relevant menu options in schools
Summary:Would require each public middle school and high school to establish a food services advisory committee to consider menu options that reflect students' cultural food preferences.
Sponsor(s):Pamela Lampitt (D)
As of 6/13/2014: For status updates, visite the state legislature's website.
As of 6/13/2014: For statuts updates, visite the state legislature's website.