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Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC HR 4369 - School bus advertisements
Summary:Would provide a school district must offer for sale child-friendly commercial advertisements on public school buses operated in the district unless those buses are owned by a school or district, in which case the sale is optional but only if in compliance with other applicable provisions; revenue to purchase new school buses; and the state Board of Education will determine guidelines.
Sponsor(s):Representative Joshua A. Putnam (R)
As of 12/6/2013: Prefiled, referred to Committee on Education and Public Works

Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC HCR 5107 - Fit Family Day
Summary:Declared May 15, 2014 as “Fit Family Day” in South Carolina, and recognized and commended the partnership that Coca-Cola formed with the State Hospital Association, CVS Pharmacy, and parenting magazines in order to encourage healthy living through the fit family challenge.
Sponsor(s):Representative Bobby Harrell (R)
As of 5/28/2014: Adopted May 13, 2014