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‘Advergames’ a New Front in Fight Against Childhood Obesity
Article highlights issue of the food and beverage industry using advergamesto market to children
Uconn Today, October 2014

The Nosh Pit: Farm-to-fork with a side of fries?
Article covers the controversial partnership between farm-to-fork figurehead and McDonalds Corperation
The Sacramento Bee, October 2014

Me eat vegetable: Cookie Monster wants kids to snack healthier
Article highlights Sesame Street's new partnership with the produce marketing association to begin using Sesame Street muppets as marketing tools for fruit and vegetables
The Guardian, October 2014

Is 'Big Soda' mimicking Big Tobacco? California beverage battle spills over
Article highlights California's efforts to implement taxes on sugar sweetenned beverages
The Christian Science Monitor, October 2014

Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition: Addressing Gaps, Biases, and Shifts
Article announces upcoming conference on advances and controversies in clinical nutrition, including a list of the guest speakers attending event
PRNewswire, October 2014

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