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Charter Oak Fifth Graders Present Exhibition
Hartford fifth graders present a year-long research project and video about food marketing aimed at kids. The class used Rudd Center research as the basis for their presentation.
The Hartford Courant, June 2014

6 Not-So-Subtle Ways Fast Food Joints Make You Want To Eat At Their Restaurants
A list of fast food marketing strategies informed in part by Rudd Center Fast Food FACTS report
Huffington Post, June 2014

Rudd Center Releases Guidelines for Portraying Obesity in the Media
Coverage of Rudd Center's obesity in the media guidelines
Lexology, June 2014

Food Stamp Soda Study Says Ban Would Reduce Diabetes, Obesity
RWJF-funded study finds that restricting ssbs from food stamps benefits would reduce obesity and diabetes in adults and children
Newsmax, June 2014

Follow #SodaSummit14 For a Few Thousnd Reasons Not To Drink Sugary Beverages
Blog post highlights Soda Summit Conference and points readers to social media resources for more information
Scientific American, June 2014

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